Sunday, January 31, 2016


Story: Gerardo Preciado, Pencils: Ariel Medel, Inks: Dan Prado, Colors and lettering: Renato Guerra Created by: Preciado + Medel
This is a Project I did a while ago with Gerardo Preciado, creator and writer of the wildly popular fanfics Batman: The Deal and God's End and writer of Zenescope's Grimm Tales of Terror #9. We haven't been able to finish it, and had been pitching it to several publishers. Now, we've decided it's time for it to see the light via web. Personally, I think it's one of the most badass projects I've ever been involved with. Please support by sharing and/or spreading the word!

COVER 1 by Marvel artist PACO MEDINA!
COVER 2 by Ariel Medel


  1. Buen trabajo pero la verdad son muy pocas páginas para poder dar un veredicto